Nameless Dancers - Anthology (2008-2014). Disc 1 - 3




Recorded: 2008–2014
Released: November 2014
Label: Echoes Sounds
Catalog: WAS-ES011/013-2014
Style: Nu-Jazz, Acid-Jazz, Lounge, Chillout, Downtempo, Pop
Format: Lossless (FLAC), MP3
Release on Bandcamp

We submit the final anthology of the best songs created by Nameless Dancers group in 8 years of the existence. The anthology was formed by method of free vote among fans of group. Nameless Dancers express deep gratitude to all the admirers for support and hope that could deliver to your ears a quantity of sound pleasure.

Представляем итоговую антологию лучших песен, созданных группой Nameless Dancers за 8 лет своего существования. Антология формировалась методом свободного голосования среди фанов группы. Nameless Dancers выражают глубокую признательность всем своим поклонникам за поддержку и надеются, что смогли доставить вашим ушам некоторое количество звукового удовольствия.

NAMELESS DANCERS – The Studio Group Which Is Organized And A Producer By The Musician And Poet Evgenij V. Kharitonov (EugeneKha). The Project Was Born In 2008 In Moscow On The Basis Of White Art Studio.
Music Of This Collective – Specific Synthesis Of Live, Acoustic Tools And Digital Sound.
Group stylistics – A Difficult Hybrid From Jazz Improvisation, Lounge, Chillout And House Rhythms. As A Whole, Music Nameless Dancers Harmoniously Balances Between Lounge/Nu-Jazz And House.
The Basic Directions Of Music Nameless Dancers: Lounge, Nu-Jazz/ Acid Jazz, Funk, Electronic Jazz, Latino Jazzy House, Chillout, Easy Listening.
Nameless Dancers – This: EugeneKha (Music, Arrangement, Sampling, Acoustic And Electric Guitars, Keyboards, programming); Konstantin Guro (Winds, Piano, Sampling, Programming); Olga Astra-Guro (Piano, Programming) + Sessions Musicians, Samplers, Various Music Soft.

All Tracks From Albums And EP’s:

Cloudy Coffee (45RPM-Records, 45rpm024; 2009)
Midday Lounge (Single; 45RPM-Records, 45rpm029; 2010)
Morning Touches (Bump Foot, Foot133; 2010)
The Burning Gentle (RelaxEnjoy / RelaxPro, REJY062; 2010)
Rain Café (45RPM-Records, 45rpm039; 2010)
Snow Dream (Bump Foot, Foot171; 2011)
End Of Night (45RPM-Records, 45rpm020-2011; 2011)
Fluteman (White Art Studio, WAS003-ES004-2011; 2011)
In Disco (Laser Visa , LV-011, 2014)
Summer Solstice (Echoes Sounds, WAS-ES010-2014; 2011)